Series 2022/2023

ASIAN FRONT ART SHOW Series is a series of art events that will take place on different dates from October 2022 to September 2023 in the city of Osaka, Japan, a city that showcases both the traditional and the future forward aspects of Japan, which makes it the perfect backdrop for ASIAN FRONT ART SHOW Series.

The 2023 launch of ASIAN FRONT ART SHOW Series will bring together artists, creators, and thinkers from around the globe to create an East meets West dialogue for meaningful exchange. This immersive and multi-sensory event will bridge art, music, the digital world and Japanese fine dining, to create a 360 degree experience unlike any other seen in Japan before.  
Ahead of the 2023 event, there will be two smaller events held in the lead up to next year.



The first event, which will take place Saturday October 15th 2022, will be held at the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts and will set the tone for the upcoming event series.

Highlighting NFT and new media art works, this event will engage the audience through NFT showcases, traditional art , VIP music artist guests and immersive visual experiences.







Osaka city museum of fine arts

1-82 Chausuyama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 543-0063, Japan


An inaugural VIP and press event showcase to kick off the series of events leading to the main launch event in September 2023.The idea is to break open the limits of the current japanese art scene.It aims to fuse the real and virtual worlds by exhibiting works by current and NFT artists, as well as music and spatial performances by popular artists.




Dan Isomura

Dan Isomura is an artist who uses a variety of techniques, including painting, sculpture, video, and installation. His works have attracted attention for their background in queer culture, which he was exposed to during his residency at the Guandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan and the ARCUS program, and during his stay in New York as a Fellowship artist with the Asian Cultural Council.
Karin Okoso

This world is full of invisible things. My work is a kind of experimental attempt to find out what it is that connects people. I colorize each person's qualia and connect with others through resonance. I want to continue painting with this in mind. With this, I will continue to paint.
Mikiko Kamada

She is an artist and horticultural researcher (currently enrolled in a doctoral program) focusing on the existence of plants and microorganisms. With her academic background in life sciences, she is involved in space greening projects as a plant director. She creates installations and artworks on the theme of the existence of plants and microorganisms.
Kou Kitago

I usually make pottery of animals, but I rarely use animals that live in my house as my subject matter. However, I am sure that their body movements and facial expressions are common to all creatures, and I am also sure that I blend the hints I receive from animals and plants unconsciously into my work.
Minori Nagashima

An artist who works flexibly between the realms of music and art. After gaining experience in art direction and sound production for many artworks including "TeamLab - Learn! Future Amusement Park" and many other artworks at TeamLab. She specializes in creating works from a comprehensive viewpoint, combining the sensibility of an artist with the perspective of a director.

I want to live my life always feeling how happy I am at the end of a day, when there was nothing special going on in my daily life.I paint with the intention of capturing and expressing these fleeting moments. I decide which color I want to paint first by intuition, and then paint the other colors, so I never know what the final result will look like.

A multi-artist who works in art/music/DJ at the same time, he started "BOREDOMS" in 1986. In 1986, he started "BOREDOMS" and influenced the worldwide underground scene with his experimental performances. As an individual artist, he has performed energetically with many artists and is also active as a DJ. As a visual artist, he produced the jackets for Beck's "Midnite Vultures" and has recently participated in exhibitions around the world.

KEEENUE has been involved in a variety of activities both domestically and internationally, including the creation of murals, the presentation of paintings, and the provision of artwork. She has been the focus of much attention for her numerous collaborations, including with NIKE, FACEBOOK and so on.




Founded by acclaimed CGI artist Julio Clavijo and Chris Hougland, a former financier and creative entrepreneur, Hyperfuturism is a newly formed global collective of 60 elite digital artists united in pursuing new frontiers in creative consciousness.
Featuring artists including 11v151131_m06, Svyatykh, Ines Alpha, Renderfruit, and Ada Sokol – some of the most established and sought-after names behind next generation advertising, filmmaking, ecommerce, motion graphics and metaverse-building projects – this is the very first time their personal, and often closely guarded private work, has been seen in public and as a group.
Offering an unparalleled window onto the artists’ personal preoccupations entirely free of creative compromise, Hyperfuturism is a collective but also a community that will encompass an ongoing programme of shows, residencies, happenings, publishing, and product launches.
To showcase the launch of this movement, we have curated a limited-edition series of 360 physical books containing 60 never-before-seenartworks (one for each artist). Book owners will have exclusive access to the wider Hyperfuturism gallery, art sales, and experiences (both virtual and ‘real world’) and guaranteed allocation of future physical product drops.
Welcome to our world.
Mirus Gallery
Mirus Gallery

Mirus Gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by curator and art dealer, Paul Hemming in 2012. The gallery features a program of contemporary artwork by emerging and mid-career artists in a rotating lineup of both solo and thematically organized group shows. Mirus gallery’s distinctive curation highlights work that emphasizes skill and process and aims to engage viewers on a sentient, emotional and evocative level. In 2017, Mirus opened its second location in the heart of Denver, Colorado alongside it’s sister business Temple Nightclub. In 2022, Mirus gallery launched their third location in the heart of the arts-district in Los Angeles, CA.
Asuka Irie

When I was contemplating my path to life as an artist, I realized that I could not create works larger than the size of a press with copperplate prints, and I was searching for the possibility of more freedom of expression than that, while maintaining the quality of copperplate prints. Through trial and error, she was freed from the size limitation by collaging copperplate prints, and at the same time, she challenged herself to create her own unique view of the world by painting freely with paint.

A Japanese illustrator who started his NFT illustration activity on August, 2021 at Opensea, and his total transaction volume on Opensea exceeded 200 ETH in December, 2021, and 300 ETH in June, 2009. Focusing on cute fleeting females. She likes those with short bob and inner-colored hair and her original character "Nigi-chan".
Ryuichi Obana

Born in Nara, Japan. Representative and graphic designer of Monsters Inc.In order to convey the goodness of creativity and the goodness of racing, he is challenging NFT art at his own nave.In the Rampage Horses Club of NFT art, he has worked with Youtuber Hikaru and JFL affiliate Nara Club. and otherThe Rampage Horses Club has also collaborated with many other aspects, such as Youtuber Hikaru∏s and JFL affiliate Nara Club.

Born in 1995 and nave in Fukuoka, Japan, he came into the limelight as a professional BMX rider in his early 20s and started his full-fledged artist activities in 2018.He is a multi-creator with a backbone in various genres such as music, architecture, and street culture.He is a multi-creator with a backbone in various genres such as music, architecture, and street culture, and is also a Tourism Fellow of the Shibuya Ward Tourism Association.He has been involved in NFT Art since 2022 and is the creative director of the "Bucket Bear" project.He is also a creative director of the "Bucket Bear" project.
Flower Lolita
Flower Lolita

Flower Lolita is Japan's first project with celebrity management participation. 6666 characters are created by combining Japanese Lolita culture and flowers, mainly with characteristic Big Eyes and the essence of modern art. Starting out as an NFT project, it aims to become a global IP and plans to launch a variety of products in the future.
Neo Tokyo Punk
Neo Tokyo Punks

In March 2022, the CyberPunk-themed generative NFT collection "NEOTOKYO PUNKS" was released, selling out in 2 minutes from 2,222 NFT copies. It was the first time for a Japanese company to be ranked 27th in the world in terms of trading volume on the opensea24H market.
Satoshi Miyachi
Satoshi Miyachi

NFT Artist, Professor of Architecture. Since August 2021, he has been exploring the digital and physical aspects of art, architecture and NFT.His works include "AnonymousMan" and "CELLSPACE".

VeryLongAnimals GenesisCollection is a collection of dot paintings of long-headed animals by Founder Akim. The NFT is a 32 x 32 square canvas that features 100 different animals, each with their own unique characteristics. The history of the community's growth is engraved in the NFT. Nicknamed "Verylong".



Hyun Ah

Her outstanding talent on stage was honed from an early age. She was scouted by JYP at the age of 12 and spent her time as a trainee, expressing her true self in many groups and productions, and fully achieving her presence as a rapper and main dancer, impressing the world with her excellent dance ability and aura. She is one of the main figures who introduced K-pop to the world with "Gangnam Style," a collaboration with PSY, and she is also an icon of Hallyu fashion. Her keywords - "chic, retro, and sexy," her excellent dancing skills, and her charming tone have swept various music charts such as BubblePop and TroubleMaker I'm Not Cool, and gained great popularity among the public. On stage, HyunA is charismatic, sexy, and bold, but in everyday life, she communicates with her fans and is praised for her pure and cute face, singing, dancing, and attitude.She is praised as a person who has it all.

In 2016, DAWN debuted as a member of PENTAGON, and his excellent dancing skills led him to audition and showcase his talent and special voice, which became a key point of his performance, and he was nominated for Best Male Newcomer at the MAMA Asia Music Awards.Since then, he has successfully debuted with his solo album MONEY, a solo album with a minor sensibility and high level of composition and lyrical skills, followed by the much talked about collaboration with Jessie Dandyridan and his latest single album STUPIDCOOL, solidifying his status as a solo artist with his own unique color and performance. His latest single album STUPIDCOOL solidified his status as a solo artist with his unique color and performance. His music video for HyunA & Dan - Ping Pong, released last year, recently achieved 100 million views on YouTube, proving his global popularity.

The unit started in 2013 with KOMUAI as the lead singer. On September 6, 2021, Comai left the group, and Utaha joined as the second lead singer/singing member. On October 27 of the same year, the first new song "Alice/Buckingham" was released, and on May 25, 2022, the first EP "Neon" was released. In June, they embarked on their first nationwide (Japan-only) tour, "Wednesday's Campanella Versus Tour 2022 - Neo Poem", and on August 3, they held their first solo live as Shiba at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. They are also scheduled to release a new song "Tinkerbell/Nabobuko" on October 19. Official site

PINK Twins Unit. They are a model, DJ, creative director of "jouetie", and a fashion icon representing TOKYO who travels around the world. They are active on the world stage, appearing in fashion magazines, brand campaigns and advertisements, and on the front row of fashion shows.



An award winning film by Daniel Merlot
An award winning one-of-a-kind, visionary short film created by Daniel Merlot. A genre bending mix of Sci-Fi, fantasy, live action interweaved with sequences of anime. Asian Front will debut the film in Japan. A film experience not to be missed!


Jason Swamy
Jason Swamy
Jason Swamy is a creative and cultural catalyst whose vision has shaped the zeitgeist through art, music, food, wellness, thought leadership and community building. Best known for his pioneering approach to the award-winning festival Wonderfruit(Thailand), critically acclaimed Further Future (California) and the legendary Robot Heart (Burning Man), he is highly sought after by global brands and institutions for his creative, curatorial and experience design talents.
Jason is a frequent speaker at global conferences and is an advisor to music, wellness and tech start ups including Gigwell, Nusic and Silentmode.


Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts
Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, opened in May 1936, is located in Tennoji Park―situated at the Chausuyama corner, the site of the former residence of the Sumitomo family. If you walk along the dimly-lit passageway following the arrows, you will see colorful paintings and ceramics through pale glass. The museum preserves many important cultural properties, housing a collection of about 8,000 works of Japanese and Chinese Art. The site was donated by the Sumitomo family to Osaka City, together with the noted Keitakuen Garden; the museum building was built by the City.




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